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Bahama Divers Blue Hole Dive

The Lost Blue Hole is not only one of the most unique diving attractions off the coast of the Bahama Islands, it is one of the most unusual dive sites on the entire globe. Scuba Diving enthusiasts from around the world travel to Nassau in order to visit this natural marvel. The first thing visitors will notice about this enormous submerged crater is its huge dimensions. The Lost Blue Hole has a one hundred-foot diameter and an astounding depth of two hundred feet. Most Open Water Certified divers should only descend to depths around eighty feet.

The sheltered walls of this remarkable dive site provides a stable habitat for scores of marine species, including Nurse Sharks, Reef Sharks, Angelfish, Snappers, Amberjacks, Yellowtails, Manta Rays, Morays, and Sea Turtles. Because the water in the Blue Hole is sheltered from external currents and waves from the Caribbean Sea, the water is especially calm and has an outstanding clarity.

The dive experts of Bahama Divers venture to the remarkable Lost Blue Hole approximately four times per week. With an excess of forty years of experience providing Scuba Diving Tours in the Bahamas, Bahamas Divers will provide the best possible dive experience for their clients. Their professional divemasters take pride in supplying the safest and most enjoyable Scuba Diving excursions. At Bahamas Divers, we utilize the latest dive gear that is meticulously maintained by our veteran staff. You will b transported to one of the most exciting Scuba Diving destinations in the Caribbean aboard a customized dive vessel.

tour highlights
  • Over 40 years of experience from our dive masters
  • Amazing Blue Hole that expands over 200 feet
  • One of Nassau's most unique dives
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Adult - $139

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Approximately 3 Hours

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  • Tanks
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  • Belts
  • Masks, Fins, & Snorkel
  • Complimentary Hotel Transfers